The Rooftop Tower

Common Amateur Radio Antennas

The J Pole

The Super J Pole





My Stacked Quads

The picture above is of my 440 MHz stacked quads. The spacing between the antennas is approximately 80-90% of the boom length. RG-59 (75 ohm) cable was used on the phasing harness. An almost perfect 1:1 SWR was achieved at 446 MHz after installation. Any other questions on this can be forwarded to me.

This is the big rooftop tower that I built a few months ago. At that time I could not find any in my area for a price I felt I could afford. It is made of 1 inch square tubing for the legs and uses a 2 1/4" inch pipe for holding the rotor. It is welded throughout and has two coats of enamel primer and two coats of flat black paint.

The tower has with stood the 50 mile per hour winds that have roared through Missouri in the month of April and May of 1997. If you would like a set of plans for this, feel free to email me.

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