A Simple Seven Element Yagi Antenna

Below is a JavaScript that I wrote in order for you to quickly calculate the dimensions for a seven element Yagi-Uda Antenna. Simply enter the freqency in Megahertz and the script will do the rest.

I do realize that this is not an optimum design, but it did help me to put out a very good signal on 2 meters to work simplex and wide area repeaters. It was not uncommon for me to work repeaters within 40 miles with this antenna at 30 feet using on 7.5 watts. So go ahead and use this page as much as you want. If you have requests for other antennas you would like to see JavaScripted let me know, I am a really programming nut when it comes to practical applications. 73

Aaron Schmitz, KB0YKI

Reflector Lengthinches
Driven Lengthinches
Director Lengthinches

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