1. The family tree described herein has been developed from the information from a number or researchers before me. I will try to give a source for all the lines. Sometimes the sources will simply have to be reference to their materials. I expect this to be an ongoing process of updating this information, either with more precise sources of materials that coroborate these sources. Please feel free to discuss these materials on the Slavin/Slavey discussion list.
2. John Slavin served in the Revolutionarey War. His certificate is Number 4699. According to the Brief, he was 75 years old at the time the pension was granted. He served in 1780 for 3 months as a private under Gen. Rutherford, Capt Reed, Col Locke and then for another 3 months as a private under Capt. Bikerstaff, Col. Graham. According to the Book, The History and Genealogy of some pioneer Northern Alabama Families, John Slavin was in the Battle of "Gate's Defeat" and in an engagement at Raft's Swamp. The pension brief indicated that the was only involved in skirmishes.
3. The parents of John Slavin of Garrard County, Kentucky has been the subject to considerable research. From his Revolutionary War Pension records, which are referred to herein, there is little doubt that he was reared in Rowan County, North Carolina, but little else is known for sure. Some interesting discussions can be found in the Slavin Newsletter, but I have been asked to not reproduce that information here. However, the information I have from other sources is consistent with the Slavin Newsletter.

There is some belief that John's father is William Slavin and Isabel Luckie (daughter of Robert Luckie and Rebecca Luckie. Siblings include Jugh, John, Andrew, James, Robert, Samuel and Ann, See Robert's will probated in 1754, in Martin Twp, Lancaster Pa). William and Isabel's children are 1) William A. Slavin, b Aug 1754. He was a sadler and he was bound out to Richard Graham 1767 to 1774 at age 21. 2) Samuel. American Revolutionary War Blacksmith. Moved to Beckely Co. WVA before August 1775. 3) John b. 1757. 4) Sarah m. John Carson 1775 4) Ann m. Thomas Penry.

Tim Slavin notes that there is a book entitled, "Carolina Cradle Settlement of Northwest Carolina Frontier, by Robert W. Ramsey, copyrighted 1964, Lib of Cong #64-22530. In Appendix E, page 210 under Occupations of Settlers on Northwest Carolina Frontier 1747-1762, the following is listed: Robert Luckie, Wheelwright, William Sleven, weaver.

Also on page 117: The will of Robert Luckie, written 1754 in Martin township Lancaster County, PA, refers to sons Hugh, John, Andrew, James, Robert, Samuel, and to daughters, Isabel, the wife of William Sleven, and Ann, the wife of Samuel Hillis.
4. There are several interesting legal real estate conveyances and legal actions involving John Slavin of Garrard County, KY.

The earliest conveyances effecting John Slavin appear from Alexander Reid to John Slavin. One appears in Deed Book D at page 486 and the second is in Book F at page 388. QUERY: What is the relationship between Alexander Reid and Joseph Reid, to whom John's daughter Isabella married.

The next transactions were to William Slavin in 1822, 1824 and 1825, from Edward Sadler, Mathew Scott Estate, and Alexander Reid, respectively, recorded in Book H at page 168, Book J at page 28 and Book J. at page 265, respectively. QUERY: Was this John Slavin's son or brother?

Then John Slavin started conveying land to his children. In 1830 he conveyed property to his son John G. Slavin, Jr., my ancestor, retaining a life estate. See Book K at page 302. At page 304 of the same book, he conveyed property to his son James. These deeds show his wife as Catherine. Lanny Slavey sent me an email indicating that Eliza Slavin died July 17, 1811. She is supposed be be buried at Paint Lick cemetary. Someplace in my notes there is reference to a marriage bond to Catherine Pattron. I don't have any other information about that however.

Then some of the more interesting conveyances occur. In Garrard County Deed Book R, at Page 4, my ancestor, John G. Slavin, conveys to his brother by a deed dated August 24, 1849. The language of the deed is quite interesting. It states as follows: Whereas John Slavin of Garrard County, State of Kentucky, now alive, sometime since made his will by which he devises his estate equally to his nine children, since the making of said will the said John Slavin has lost his mind to such an extent, that it will in all probability be impossible for him to revoke said will, and make another, and whereas John Slavin, Junr is one of the chldren of said John slavin, and entitled by said will to the one ninth part of the estate of said John Slavin, real and personal and is desirous of reaping the benefits of said interest, that he, and his children may have the use and enjoyment of the same and has prevailed upon James G. Slavin who resides in Garrard County where the said John Slavin resides to advance him his interest in said estate which is estimated at $475.00.The said James G. Slavin has paid to said John Slavin Junr. the said sum of $475.00 in consideration of which said John Slavin Junr hereby conveys to him all the interest which said John Slavin Junr hereby conveys to him all the interest which he now has or may hereafter have in and to all the estate, real, personal or mixed of said John Slavin in whatever it may consist or wherever found, and agrees to warrant and defend the title to said interest from the claim of himself, his heirs and from the claim or claims of all and every other person whatever.

On June 16, 1849, George Slavin, does the exact same thing in a Deed recorded in Garrard County Deed Book Q at page 546. Likewise, there is another deed signed by James Clinton and his wife, Ann (Slavin) which does the same thing. It's also in Deed book Q, at page 547. There is another deed by the Clintons dated in October 1846, that wasn't recorded until July 10, 1854 in book T at page 46.

Now, John Slavin executed his will on January 31, 1848. It was offered for probate after John Slavin's death at the January County Court in 1852. It is recorded at Will No. 998. It names the following persons as beneficiaries: Mary Carnes, Isabella Reid, Ann Clinton, Sarah Wooley, Elizabeth Martindell, William Slavin, John Slavin, James G. Slavin and George Slavin. Nine Children. It goes on to mention that mary Carnes and Sarah Wooly are deceased and gives their share to their children. The will also has what I considered a rather interesting disposition of John Slavin's slaves. It provides that the Slaves "have the liberty of chosing their homes and should they fail to do so, that my exectors may sell them privately if they can, if not publicly not to be taken over ten miles from this place and not to separate children from their mothers without their consent. . ."

Now things get interesting. The filing of the will was opposed by Hamilton Baughman and Eliza his wife, Thomas Baughman and Sarah his wife and David Dunn, who claim to be heirs of John Slavin. After various proceedings, in Order Book 22, at page 273, the County court in February 1852 finds as follows: [T]he Court being advised is of the opinion that the said John Slavin at the time of making and publishing the writing offered for record was not of sufficient mind and memory to make a good will and valid will, and that said writing is not the true last will and testament of said John Slavin deceased. Therefore ordered that the same be and is hereby rejected. . .

Now here is what I find facinating. Why did these folks not want John Slavin's will probated? The normal reason for filling a will contest is because of an unnatural disposition (Slimy Joe gets grandpa to will the farm), or because the opponent wants an older will admitted. Neither of course is present here. In the case of most normal dispositions, it doesn't do much good to set aside the will, because under the rules of intestacy, the property will pass to the same natural heirs. The only reason would be if an heir was omited. Then he or she would want the will set aside. The only speculation I can come up with is that the opponents of the will are descendants of a child that John Slavin left out of his will, by Catherine or Eliza. I'd sure like to hear from someone with any other information.

Then, if all this wasn't enough, there are two more law suits instituted on November 10, 1852, in Book 21 at page 220. One is by "John Slavin Heirs, Plaintiffs v. John Slavin Heirs, defendants. An answer is filed by James Slavin and William Slavin, and a separate answer by James Patton, who was named as an executor in John Slavin's will. A separate suit was instituted by Isabella Reid against James G. Slavin. James G. Slavin and William Slavin file answers.

The first suit seems to be related to John Slavin's estate. By order of the court dated November 24, 1853, E.D. Kennedy is appointed a commissioner to take charge of the estate and sell the slaves. He is also directed to "ascertain and report what advancements were made by said John to his children or grandchildren or the husbands of the married females, in what sums such advancements were made, when made and the value when made together with such other facts as may be submitted by the parties . . . shall hear all proof touching the slave claimed as belonging to the estate of John Slavin by plaintiffs in the possession of defendant William Slavin and report whether said william should pay for it. . . "

In the court's docket entry on May 18, 1853, it is noted that the second case is based on the plaintiff, Isabella Reid's claim that John Slavin was incapable of entering into an executory contract on February 27, 1845. The court disagreed and instead sustained the defendant James G. Slavin's counterclaim to enforce the contract. A survey was ordered. On Monday November 21, 1853, the court in its docket entry indicated that a two year payment date was fixed in the contract, indicating that old John Slavin must have entered into a contract whereby he agreed to sell his land to James G. Slavin on the condition that James G. Slavin pay for it within 2 years of his death.

The order further provides that James is to pay the costs and then divide the balance 7 ways. He is to keep one seventh himself and the other 6 shares are to be given to the heirs of Mary Carnes, Isabella Reid, the personal representative of Ann Clinton, the personal representative of Elizabeth Martindale, to June Pearl and the heirs of Sarah Wooley. From this I have surmised that John G. Slavin, George Slavin and William Slavin didn't share because of the advancement. I am unclear, however, as to why James Slavin got an equal 1/7 share. If you assume he received the prior deeds himself in exchage for the payments, then he should have accumulated 3/9. If, however, the advancement cames from the old man's funds, which this documents suggests, why were the prior deeds prepared to James? Also, why did Ann Clinton get a share? She got money just like John G. and George? Also, who the heck is June Pearl? She's not mentioned in the will. This docket entry further provides that if James pays the money, he is to get a deed from everyone.

That deed was recorded in Garrard County Deed Book T, at page 240. The deed is signed by a Commissioner on behalf of the heirs of John Slavin. I will note the children of John Slavin that I think these grantors go with, if the child is deceased. However, they are not listed this way on the deed.

1. ANN SLAVIN HEIRS: John Clinton, Nancy Gentry, James M. Clinton, Elizabeth Clinton, Martha Clinton, Sarah Clinton, Thomas B. Clinton, William S. Clinton, Mary C. Clinton--for obvious reasons I think these are the children or perhaps spouse of Ann (Slavin) Clinton.

2. MARY CARNES HEIRS: James Carnes, Elizabeth Jordan, John Carnes, Mary Fowler, Rice Carnes, Margaret Murphy, Arthuza Richards-I don't know about these last two, they immediately followed the Carnes children, so I put them here

3. ELIZABETH MARTINDALE HEIRS: John Martindale, Theodore Martindale, Tabitha Marshall, Mary A. Martindale, Solon Martindale, William Martindale--These are Elizabeth children or spouse for obvious reasons.

4. JOHN G. SLAVIN HEIRS: Polly Slavin, Elizabeth J. Mitchell, late, Slavin, William W. Mitchell her husband, Nancy Carroll, late Slavin and Christopher C. Carroll, her husband, William T. Slavin, John A. Slavin, Erasmus Slavin and Richard S. Slavin-This is my family and I know who these folks are.

5. George D. Slavin (son of John Slavin of Garrard)

6. Isabella Reid (daughter of John Slavin of Garrard)

7. WILLIAM SLAVIN HEIRS: John A. Slavin, Susan Slavin, William Slavin, Elizabeth McClure, Alvira Fowler (I thought Alvira married an O'Rear), Martha Jackman (I thought her husband's name was Jackson), Margaret Wright, John A. Slavin, William Slavin, Susan Slavin, the unknown heirs of Mary Nichols. Lanny Slavey sent me an email that had these folks listed as William's heirs. They match up pretty well with this deed.

8. James Slavin was the grantee, so he wasnt' listed as a grantor.

9. SARAH WOOLEY HEIRS: I don't know which of the heirs that are left go with this child of John Slavin

Here are the named grantees that are left:

Cyrena Sweeten, Elizabeth Kile. These names appear together. They are both girls, so they may be Sarah Wooley's children.

David W. Dunn, Thomas Baughman, Sally Baughman, Hamilton Baughman, Eliza Baughman, Martha Dunn--these names all appear together

Note also that June Pearl who was given a 1/7 share by the court is not mentioned.

I am still of the view that Cyrena and Elizabeth are Sarah Wooley's children. The Dunn's and Baughman must be heirs by another child that was left out of the will. I can't imagine any other reason. I could be that these are children of Margaret. The date of her death being 9 months after marrage is highly suspicious of child birth. Perhaps these are descendants of hers. Perhaps John and Catherine had a child. Could be that John had another child that died many years before his death that he just forgot about, that left heirs. Who knows? I'll bet someone does though.

5. Head stone Head stone at the Paint Lick cemetary has both his date of birth and date of death.
6. John Slavin's will was filed as Will No. 998, in Garrard County, KY Will book, and names 9 children. Another daughter, Margaret Slavin is not listed in the Will. Whe died about 9 months after her marriage to John Leavell. According to research done by Anne Burnside Brown, which was copied and given to me by Bernice (Slavin) Burkeholder of Columbia, MO, Margaret was buried in the John Slavin plot. Accordingly, I am assuming she was also a daughter.
7. The patriarch of my family was John A. D. Slavin. He lived in eastern Schuyler County, Missouri. His farm bordered the Scotland County line. (Myfather was told when he was a child that a particular farm on the SchuylerCounty line was Slavin land many years ago and other Slavin descendants lived just across the line in Scotland County. ) It was never clear to me who his parents were, though. I thought that George D. Slavin might be his father. George lived just to the south about a mile, but across the line in Scotland County. The 1850 Scotland County, Missouri census indicates that George had a John in his household that was 20 years old. My John A.D. Slavin was born in 1830. Moreover, the three young children I mention later as children of John A.D. Slvin and Hannah Prime are buried right next to George D. Slavin's grave at the Campground cemetary. I was troubled, however, that no one else in the George Slavin family seemed to know anything about my ancestor, John A.D. Slavin, even though these Slavins would have lived within a few miles of each other for almost 100 years.

Tim Slavin, told me that there was a John G. Slavin in the 1850 Schuyler County census, who also had a John Slavin in his household. This came as a surprise to me since John G. Slavin was not listed in the statewide index that I had. Moreover, he had information that John G. Slavin and George D. Slavin both had entered land in Marion County, Missouri (a couple counties to the east) in 1835. He also had a power of attorney he thought I should see which connected the two Slavins. Here is what I found.

The 1850 census however shows a John G. Slavin and Mary Slavin in Schuyler County, Missouri. John G. Slavin was 51 at the time. He is shown to be from Kentucky. Also in the household is Mary, age 49 also from Kentucky. Also in the household are John, age 19 and Hannah, age 17. Unlike everyone else in the family, Hannah is shown to be born in England. My John A. D. Slavin married Hannah Prime. She was born in England. The dates are a little off, though in that Hannah was born in 1836, so she would only be 16 at the oldest. However, both John and Hannah have astericks behind their names. According to the census, this means that the two noted, were married within the last year. My John A. D. Slavin and Hannah Prime were married on March 20, 1850. (First Marriage Book, Schuyler County, Missouri. Also in the household are James, also age 19, from Kentucky (could my John A.D. and him be twins?), Erasmus, age 17, born in Missouri, and Richard, age 11, born in Missouri. (This of course, suggests to me that John G. and Mary have been in Missouri at least 17 years.) By this time I'm thinking that it still could be that John A. D. are not children, but just living with John G. Slavin and his wife. Then I looked at the 1860 census. By this time John G. Slavin is nowhere to be found. John D. Slaven (sp?) has a household in Fabius Township. In the household is Hannah, age 26 (now
the age is right), John, age 6, Osker, age 1and Mary, age 59. Bingo!!! I'm thinking that John G. has died and Mary is living with her son. Maybe John G. has been nice to a relative, namely John A.D., but I'm thinking surely this must be mother/son for Mary to be living with the younger John. Incidentally, I'm now sure that this is the right John D. Slavin, because the younger John in his household is age 6. My great grandfather, John Henry Slavin, was born in 1854. It lines up.

The oldest plat book is 1878. I look at Fabius Township and voila, the land in John D. Slavin's hands in 1878 is the land that is known to me as being my ancestor's ground. In fact, my father, born in 1915, said that when he was a child riding with his father with a wagon and a team of horses, his father pointed at this same farm and said that he was born there in a
house that no longer exists.

As a result of this, I'm beginning to feel pretty confident that John G. Slavin is John A.D. Slavin's father. Then I went to the recorder's office. Unfortunately, the indexes don't go all the way back to the earlies transaction, but start in 1848. Nevertheless, I struck pay dirt there too. I found a deed dated July 13th 1858 from Mary Slavin to John D. Slavin.
Amazingly, it described the same ancestral farm. Moreover, here is what the deed says in part: "Witnesseth, that I the said Mary Slavin in conformity to the last will and Testament of John G. Slavin, deceased have this day confirmed and conveyed unto the said John D. Slavin all the right and title that the said John G. Slavin had at his death or that the said Mary Slavin has at this time to the following described tract of land ..."

Unfortunately, the nearest town, Downing, wasn't even organized until 1872. Most of the churches and cemetaries weren't organized until between 1860 to 1875. There were no cemetaries and no newspaper. I cannot find where John G. Slavin or Mary Slavin were buried, nor can I find their obits. However, I'm, pretty satisfied that John G. Slavin was John A. D. Slavin's father.

Now for even more fun. I still needed to proove that John G. Slavin and George D. Slavin, were brothers and the sons of John Slavin of Garrard County, Kentucky. Here, Tim Slavin came through for me. There is a power of attorney, apparently recorded there in Garrard County, Kentucky. (Book T, at page 290). The clerk's certification indicates it was recorded on January 17,1855 Here is what it says in part: "Know all men by these present that we, John G. Slavin and George D. Slavin of the County of Scotland in the State of Missouri, have this day made constituted and appointed and do by these prsents make constitute and appoint Isaac Dunn of the County of Garrard in the State of Kentucky our true and lawful attorney for us and in our name to sell and dispose of absolutely in fee simple of any and all real estate that may be apportioned to us in any way from our father John Slavin's estate, which said estate is now in charge of James Slavin and James Patterson as Executors of said Estate...."

8. The one area, though, where I know very little is John G. Slavin's other children. I have found John G. Slavin's will. It is recorded in Schuyler County Probate Record Book 1, at Page 76. It does not identify each of John G. Slavin's children, in order, but does make specific devises to William Slavin, John D. Slavin, Erasmus M. Slavin, and Richard S. Slavin. The 1850 Schuyler County census shows John G. and Mary together with 19 year old John and 17 year old Hannah (married to John), together with James who is also 19, born in Kentucky, Erasmus, 17 years old, born in Missouri and Richard, 11 years old and also born in Missouri. Were there others (Mary was 49 at the time, so there could certainly be other grown children), were these people the children of John G. and Mary, did they survive?

I contacted the present owner of part of what I believe to be John G. Slavin's property. I asked him if I could look at his abstract of title, which he gladly delivered to my office over the noon hour. It shows two interesting things. First, is showed that John G. Slavin was the first owner, having entered this property in February 1850. His patent was dated June, 1851. The deed of entry in this abstract was for 160 acres as follows:

the Southwest Fourth of the Northwest Quarter of Section 27 and the Southeast Fourth of the Northeast Quarter and the East Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 28, all Township 66, Range 13.

Part of this property was in Schuyler County and part was in Scotland County, Missouri.

Second, while I had found the 1858 deed from Mary (John G.'s wife) to John D. Slavin (stating that it was done in conformity to John G.'s will), what I had not found was a deed much later, presumably to clear title. The Grantors are as follows:

Richard S. Slavin and Susan V. Slavin, his wife Christopher Carroll and Nancy M. Carroll, his wife William W. Mitchell and Elizabeth J. Mitchell, his wife William T. Slavin and Rebecah Slavin, his wife to John D. Slavin The deed was dated Octoer 28, 1873, and recorded in Book 15 at Page 149 of the Schuyler County, Missouri real estate records. The deed recites that the parties were conveying "all their undivided interests as heirs at law of John G. Slavin."

Now under Missouri law, heirs are determined at the instant of death, but his deed was done at least 15 years after John G. died. If any of his heirs would have died, in order to clear title to the property, their heirs, if any, would have had to have signed the deed. So, these people would have to be John G.'s living children or grandchildren if the child had died in the interveneing 15 years. I feel pretty confident that William T. Slavin and Richard S. Slavin ,are John G.'s children. William T. Slavin and Rebecca Slavin are included in the 1850 Scotland County census (as being born in Kentucky and 23 years old at the time) and 1860 Scotland County census. In the 1850 Schuyler County census, a 11 year old Richard is in the household. Moreover, they were specifically mentioned in the will. This leaves two unanswered question: Who are Nancy Carroll and Elizabeth Mitchell, and secondly, what happened to Erasmus and James who were also in the John G. Slavin household in 1850, with Erasmus being mentioned in the will. Are these girls one of their children or did they die without children by 1878. I am guessing that they are his daughters. The 1830 Garrard County census shows a John Slavin with two small boys that roughly are the same age as William and John. It also shows two older girls in the family. Are these the same girls shown on the deed? I don't know.

One final note. In the history of Marion County 1884 (where John G. and George D. first entered land in 1835 It is about 90 miles to the southeast of Schuyler County), there is an article about A. Rightmire. It says that his first wife died leaving him with 6 children. It goes on to say the following:

"Mr. Rightmire was married again, March 4, 1880, to Caroline Slavin, daughter of Richard and Susan V. Slavin, the former of Schuyler County, Missouri, the latter of Marion County, ,Missouri. Of this union one child has been born, Julia Lena, born January 6, 1881."

Given the presence of Richard and Susan V. Slavin on the deed I mentioned above, I think it's ,clear that Caroline Slavin and Julie Lena Rightmire are decendants of John G. Slavin as well.

9. Marriage Bond is dated March 26, 1821, # 1372. Marriage Bond is signed by John Slavin, Jr. and John Arnold.
10. "Interview with Adah Florence (Slavin) Foster", Alice Slavin.
11. Some of the information concerning the descendants of Marilla Slavin was provided by Jack Kirkland <kirkland@indy.net>
12. Dan White, a descendant of this line provided me with papers his mother had in her possession regarding Richard Slavin. He is unsure of the author of the papers. Some, but not all, of them, state that they are prepared by Marie Baughman, Unionville, MO 1977. I will refer to them as the Baughman papers. Of course, I have little to substantiate their accuracy at this time.

13. According to the Baughman papers, Richard and Susan V. were living with a Mitchell family in Warren Township, Marion County, Missouri in the 1860s. They were still living together in the 1880s in Green wood Twp. of Schuyler County, Missouri. Both of them had a "pretty good temper" and had been "running around" before they separated.
14. According to the Baughman papers, Susan was "pretty spoiled". When she was little she stayed with her grandma. She had "big dolls- got mad and cut them up." When she left Richard, she married Boswell ________ whom she met through the "mails" She went west (Colorado or Oklahoma) to live with him. She got homesick and came back, leaving her clothes hanging on the line. People thought she was crazy because her new husband had money and a telephone. By 1884 she was living in Marion County, Missouri. She also stayed with her daughter, Mollie. Mary Badger remembers a "grandma bunk" and an old woman living there who had a horse that would turn around half way to town and come home. Her father "was a sailor and died at sea. The 1860 census listed him as a farmer. Query: Could that have been her grandfather instead? When she separated, she left 7 daughters. She had no sewing machine.
15. Baughman papers
16. According to the Baughman papers, Mollie was crippled as were 3 of her children. None of her living grandchildren had ever heard her called Mary.
17. According to the Lancaster Excelsior, 13 May 1920, page 2, Mollie was the last of her father's family of seven girls. It also states that Minnie Bradley lived in Chicago, IL at the tiem and Mabel Green of lived in Lebanon, MO.
18. According to the obit for Minny's mother, she lived in Chicago, IL
19. According to her mother's obit, at the time of Mollie's death, Mable was living in Lebanon, MO.
20. History of Marion County, Missouri 1884, 705.
21. According to the Baughman papers, she lived in Boulder Colorado.
22. According to the Baughman papers, Liz's husband was a brother to Susan V. (Mitchell) Slavin.
23. "Quit Claim deed from heirs of John G. Slavin to John D. Slavin", 10-28-1873, Book 15, Page 149, Schuyler County, MO Real estate records..
24. Information concerning the descendants of Nancy Carroll was provided by Robert "Gene" Bruner rebruner@worldnet.att.net
25. According to the Baughman papers, Erasmus died in the Civil War. "He got so thirsty, he drank his own blood." I've not been able to confirm any of this.
26. At this time I know little about the children of this child of John Slavin. However, in the deed Recorded in Book T, at page 240, of the Real Estate records of Garrard County, KY, the persons I have listed are shown to be heirs of the deceased child of John Slavin.
27. The law suit of Slavin heirs v. Slavin heirs referred to herein, specifically states in the Peitition as follows regarding Mary Nichols: "[T]he said Mary Nichols died before John Slavin leaving children who are now residents of Kentucky a whose names are unknown to plaintiffs. . ."
28. Some of the information concerning the descendants of Mary/Polly (Slavin) Carnes was provided by Nancy Hughes <nmh@cptnet.com><nmh@cyberport.com> P.O. Box 1722, Bloomfield, NM 87413 (505)632-0681 (505)632-6880 (fax)

29. Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County, KY, Feb. 7, 1801, filed in Box 1, #184. Bond is signed by David Carnes and John Graham. Consent is given by John Slavin.
30. Some of the information concerning the children of Mary (Polly) (Slavin) Carnes was provided by Dr. Peggy Jean Ledbetter, a descendant through Polly Carnes' daughter Elizabeth G. (Carnes) Jordon. Her email address is ledbette@dyc.edu
31. According to Dr. Ledbetter, he was killed in the Civil War.
32. Information concerning the descendant of Amanda Wilson Jordan and her descendants was provided by Nancy M. Hughes, nmh@cptnet.com or nmh@cyberport.com
33. The information concerning Isabella Slavin and her descendants cames from Barbara Dahl, a descendant. She can be reached at 2218 Union St., San Diego, CA 92101.
34. Information concerning the descendants of Alexander Hamilton Reid was supplied by Bob DeWitt "Bob DeWitt" <dewey@nlenx.com>. He also supplied information concerning Alexander Reid's siblings (which are the children of Isabella Reid and Joseph Reid.)
35. Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County, dated Sept 14, 1803, filed in Box 2, #293. Bond is signed by Joseph Reid and John Slavin.
36. According to Bill Nelson, John Reid was a Civil War veteran.
37. Information provided by Bill Nelson
38. Part of the information concerning the descendants of Joseph Barnettt Reid were provided by William A. (Bill) Nelson, 4092 Minden Rd, Memphis, TN 38117-1516 Teusy@aol.com
39. According to Mr. Nelson, William Robert Reid never married.

40. According to Bill Nelson, Herbert Larcade was killed in an auto accident.

41. According to Bill Nelson, William Cooper had no children.

42. According to Bill Nelson, this person had no children

43. According to Bill Nelson, this person never married.
44. According to Bill Nelson, James K.P. Reid died in the Civil War.

45. Bill says Jessie and Essie were twins. Don't know if they were male or female.

46. On May 4, 1849, Ann Clinton and her husband conveyed property to her brother James Slavin. The deed is notarized in Edgar County, Illinois, which of course suggests that she was located there at the time. That deed is recorded in Garrard County Real Estate Records in Deed Book Q at page 547. It is instrument Nol 3340.
47. Information concerning Ann Clinton and her descendants has been provided by Marilyn E. King, P.O. Box 500, Odin IL 62870
48. Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County, KY on Aug, 9, 1805, filed in Box 2 at #368. Bond is signed by James Clinton and J.B. Reid. Consent to the marriage is give by John Slavin and Archibald Clinton.
49. At this point I am purely speculating as to the identity of Sarah Wooley's children. She clearly had children though. Specific reference is made to her having children in John Slavin's will (Will #998, Garrard County,KY) and in the order resolving the suit filed by Isabella Reid, referred to herein. I am naming the children I suspect to be her children, for discussion purposes only. Help me out here folks!
50. In the law suit of John Slavin Heirs v. John Slavin Heirs the children the children of Cyrena Dunn are identified. Many of the children of John Slavin are identified and refered to in many deposition and letters that are on file with the case. The entire case file is located at the archives in Frankfurt, Kentucky under Garrard County Circuit Court records at B36/B1, Bx 72.
51. The first name of Cyrena's husband is referred to in a letter dated May 20, 1839, from Elizabeth Martindate to her father John Slavin. This letter is a part of the official record in the Garrard County Case of Slavin heirs v. Slavin heirs, referred to elsewhere in this work.

52. I some point the is reference to William having settled in Columbia, Boone County, Missouri. Columbia is home to the University of Missouri. While surfing their web site I stumbled onto a page devoted to the original subscribers to bring the University of Missouri to Columbia, Missouri. William Slavin was listed as one of those subscribers.
53. Lanny Slavey, "John of Garrard", July 23, 1997, email correspondence.
54. Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County in Box 5; October 11, 1817, at #1102. It is signed by William Slavin and Alexander Henderson. Marriage license is consented to by Frankey's father, James Woods.
55. Pamphlet Titled "John Slavin Family History, Compiled by Anne Burnside Brown, Fellow in Genealogy and History." This was forwarded to me by Bernice S. Burkeholder of Columbia, Missouri, a descendant of George Slavin (son of John of Garrard).
56. Much of the information I have on James Slavin comes from the email from Lanny Slavey and the Burnside Brown Report. There were, however, some inconsistencies and they will be noted. Anne Burnside Brown is a descendant of James Slavin and remained in the area, long after most other descendants moved on.
57. Marriage Bond is dated December 20, 1824 and filed in Garrard County, KY in Box 7, #1622. Bond is signed by James Slavin and B Leavell.
58. This information was provided, in part, by Lois Sharp, Lesees1@aol.com, who is connected by marriage through Sarah (Sally) Slavin who married Abraham Perry Sharp.

59. Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County, KY and dated Aug 2, 1828, filed in Box 7, #1888. Bond is signed by George Slavin and Alfred Buford.
60. The information concerning concerning Sarah M. Slavin and her descendants was provided by Betty Duncan, of Downing, Missouri, a descendant. Also reseaching this line is Leona McCullough of Ottawa, IL, also a descendant.
61. Marriage Bond is filed in Garrard County, KY on Jan 14, 1823 At #1490. Bond is signed by John Leavell and James Slavin.
62. Several persons filed a will contest to challenge John Slavin's will. I can't imagine a reason for doing so, unless one of John Slavin's children were omitted from the will. These same folks were named as heirs in the deed (Book T, at page 240 or Garrard County Real Estate Records) to James Slavin. They don't fit anywhere else. I am naming these proported descendants for discussion purposes only. Help me out here folks!
63. In the suit of Slavin Heirs v. Slavin Heirs, referred to in this document, there is a deposition of William S. Pearl. In the deposition of Mr. Pearl, it is stated that he married the daughter of John Slavin about 8 or 9 years ago (deposition was taken on the 4th day of April 1854). Moreover, he stated that he had since marrying John Slavin's daughter lived nearby. In addition, in the separate law suit by Elizabella Reid against James G. Slavin in the Garrard County Circuit Chancery Suit court records in Book 21at page 508, at the conclusion of the case, James G. Slavin is to pay certain funds into the court and the proceed divided amoung many of the heirs of John Slavin. However, one of the devisees is "June Pearl". I can only imagine that this is the daughter of William S. Pearl. I suspect that the wife of William Pearl is one of known daughters of John Slavin, but I can't figure out which one. By the time of the law suit, Mary Carnes was deceased, but her heirs were identified in the Petition, Isabella Reid lived out of state, Ann Clinton was deceased and had lived in Edgar County, Illinois for many years, Sarah Wooley was deceased, but her heirs were identified in the Petition, and Elizabeth Martidale was deceased but had lived out of state for many years. I really don't know then, who William Pearl married. Do you?

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